Occupational health and safety at work

Ensuring labor protection at enterprises and control over it

Occupational safety at various enterprises is provided by a set of measures aimed at eliminating or reducing the incidence of injuries, as well as reducing and eliminating the risks of accidents. To this end, the enterprise operates labor protection services and persons responsible for instructing and conducting safety training for employees and exercising control over the implementation of safety rules and standards, which interact with the employer, labor inspectorate and trade unions.

Occupational health and safety is a set of methods developed and aimed at protecting the health and safety of employees of enterprises in the process of performing their work duties during working hours, as well as when employees work with various equipment.

Safety precautions as a method of eliminating industrial injuries at enterprises

Safety is a set of measures of an organizational and technical nature, which are aimed at creating safe working conditions at the enterprise, allowing to reduce or eliminate industrial injuries. To do this, check the serviceability of existing equipment, protective devices for machines, machine tools, heating installations. They optimize working conditions for the purpose of safety, providing good illumination of workplaces and industrial premises, good ventilation, timely removal of dust and production waste, maintaining a normal temperature in the premises. The person responsible for the implementation of labor safety conditions at the enterprise instructs on the safety rules at the enterprise as a whole and when working with specific equipment, trains personnel and tests knowledge of safety rules. Also, labor protection at the enterprise includes providing personnel with safety instructions, equipping workplaces with posters and visual aids for working with equipment and images that visualize the most dangerous places in the workplace and actions that prevent industrial injuries.

Safety requirements for employees of the enterprise

To reduce workplace injuries, employees are also required to adhere to certain requirements and rules of conduct in the workplace, which provides for safety:

  • wear overalls, which must be in perfect order, as well as work shoes;
  • before starting work, prepare the workplace, free it for work, check the illumination and serviceability of the equipment;
  • make sure that the floor at the workplace is in good condition, does not slip, and there are no foreign objects on the floor that you can stumble on;
  • while working with a specific type of equipment, use protective devices – gloves, goggles, nets and others;
  • do not lean close to the working equipment and use technological maps.