The concepts of labor protection and technology


The very concept of “Safety” is a long-obsolete concept, which is no longer used in the local regulations of organizations. But in everyday life it is and, in fact, safety precautions have a place to be and it is only a small part of labor protection. If the safety precautions are aimed only at protecting the employee from the possible occurrence of injuries, for example, protection from hitting a fixed protruding part of the equipment, then labor protection aims to preserve human life and health. For example, protection from exposure to harmful and dangerous factors, reduction of hazards that exist in the workplace, and so on.

This will be discussed later in the article, we will analyze what occupational health and safety at the enterprise is in detail, and if after reading this note you have something to add, please write in the comments, it will be interesting and useful for everyone.

Occupational health and safety

Before understanding in detail the concepts of labor protection and safety in the organization, let’s turn to the concepts and terms.

The system of legislative acts, socio-economic, organizational, technical, hygienic and therapeutic measures and means to ensure the safety, health and performance of the employee.

That is, it turns out that within the framework of labor legislation, the concept of labor protection is applicable, and if we consider, for example, the safety of students, then it is necessary to use the wording of safety precautions. There is more in the Labor Code, and this term is not in any current regulatory document.

In the old fashioned way, it is still used in everyday life, even a labor protection specialist is often called an engineer.

In production, the employee himself observes safety precautions, and the administration takes care of labor protection, which creates conditions for the safe work of this very employee.

What is safety engineering

Thus, safety is an outdated concept, meaning part of the function of labor protection, namely the control of production activities in order to prevent injuries and occupational diseases. Today it is no longer used and in fact is not applicable.

Because safety measures cover only the technical side of the issue of protecting people, while labor protection is characterized by an integrated approach with the development of documentation and the solution of legal issues. But it is also wrong to consider it a part of labor protection, because OT is applied only in labor relations, and applies to all people present at the facility, even if they are, for example, employees of a contracting organization.

What is labor protection

Occupational safety is a set of measures to preserve human life and health in the process of work, including legal, socio-economic, organizational and technical, sanitary and hygienic, medical and preventive, rehabilitation and other areas.

The set of labor protection measures includes:

  • industrial sanitation;
  • Fire safety;
  • electrical safety;
  • hygiene;
  • control of professional risks;
  • labor safety management.

Labor protection is a broader concept, but only within the framework of labor relations with an employee, it includes the rights and obligations of employees and the employer to ensure that the parties comply with the requirements of the employment contract.

These are the issues of using and passing periodic mandatory medical examinations, as well as providing employees with compensation for working in harmful and dangerous working conditions, as well as the organization of work (working and rest time), rules for the use of production equipment and protecting employees from harmful and dangerous production factors.